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Christos Cotsakos

Senior Advisor

Christos Cotsakos, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, joined New Mountain in 2013. Dr. Cotsakos is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pennington Ventures, LLC, a privately held new media, technology, strategic management and advisory company. Formerly, Dr. Cotsakos served as Chairman and CEO of E*TRADE Group, Inc., where he took the company public and pioneered the personal online investment market. He also served as global Co-CEO of ACNielsen, Founding Co-Managing Partner at ArrowPath Ventures, Founding Chairman, CEO and President of EndPlay, Inc. and served in several senior executive positions at Federal Express Corporation. He is considered to be one of the visionaries, architects and entrepreneurs of e-commerce and e-finance and is among a team of co-inventors listed in multiple patent applications covering methods and data structure for obtaining, distributing, managing and utilizing information, including online content and user biographical content, in an online networking system.

Through his extensive international experience in multi-national corporations, start-ups, venture capital, board memberships and advisory services, Dr. Cotsakos has helped companies raise significant equity and debt financing in both the private and public markets. He also provides counsel on globalization, organization and development, strategic partnerships, interactive/digital media, technology, market and media research, modeling and analytics, financing and exit strategies at critical junctures in a company’s growth cycle. Dr. Cotsakos has served on the board of directors for numerous public, private and non-profit companies and has been a founding member of multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

Dr. Cotsakos holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of London. He also received an MBA (summa cum laude) from Pepperdine University and a BA (cum laude) in Communications from William Paterson University, one of the nine state colleges and universities in New Jersey. In 2001, William Paterson named its business school the Cotsakos College of Business in honor of Dr. Cotsakos. He is a decorated combat veteran who served with the 101st Airborne Infantry.

Dr. Cotsakos currently serves on the board of directors of Western Dental; Diversified Foodservice Supply, LLC; Boulevard, Inc., where he serves as Non-Executive Chairman; and Mutasian Entertainment, LLC, where he serves as Executive Chairman.