New Mountain’s Approach to Credit

New Mountain’s credit strategy launched in 2008 to apply the Firm’s private equity investment philosophy to corporate lending opportunities. New Mountain’s credit strategy seeks to invest in businesses in the middle market that, consistent with the Firm’s private equity platform, are defensive growth companies in industries that are well-researched by New Mountain.

New Mountain’s credit investment process leverages the resources, investing experience, knowledge and relationships of the entire New Mountain platform. The Firm’s private equity investment professionals and its dedicated credit staff work as a unified team to find new investment opportunities, underwrite and execute them, and monitor the resulting credit portfolio. The Firm believes that this integrated approach enables a deeper level of due diligence and promotes better credit selection.

Since inception, New Mountain has invested approximately $24 billion in credit.1 Today, New Mountain manages approximately $11 billion in credit across a number of products.2

Private Credit

New Mountain has strategically expanded its credit offerings over the years as the platform proved to be highly aligned with the Firm’s overall defensive growth strategy. Today, New Mountain offers a number of private credit products to meet the needs of the Firm’s diverse investor base.

Іnvestment Сriteria


U.S. Middle Market Businesses

a market segment we believe will continue to be underserved by other lenders



We Invest Through

Primary Originations & Open-Market Secondary Purchases

Investment Size

Up to $200M

New Mountain Finance Corporation (NMFC)

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New Mountain Finance Corporation (Nasdaq: NMFC) is a business development company (“BDC”) primarily focused on lending to middle market companies in defensive growth industries. NMFC aims to generate current income and capital appreciation through investments in debt securities at all levels of the capital structure.

Private Funds & SMAs

New Mountain offers private credit strategies to institutional investors in the form of commingled vehicles and separately managed accounts (SMAs).

Broadly Syndicated Loans

Senior Loan Products (SLPs)

New Mountain’s Senior Loan Products apply the Firm’s approach to credit to the broadly syndicated loan market.

Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)

New Mountain’s Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) strategy launched in 2020. Similar to the Firm’s other credit strategies, the CLO strategy leverages the considerable resources, investing experience, knowledge and relationships of the entire New Mountain platform to identify attractive investments in the broadly syndicated loan market.