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CIOX Health

CIOX Health

CIOX Health is the largest clinical data exchange platform in the U.S., enabling the secure transfer of nearly 50 million medical records per year between over 1 million unique requestor constituents, including patients, providers, health plans and legal community.

CIOX Health offers products and services that assist in the management and exchange of protected health information, increasing efficiency, speed, quality, and security while also positively impacting clients’ bottom line. The company delivers expertise in information exchange, workflow, coding, and audit management through its combination of best-in-class people, technology, and business process.

CIOX Health is connected to approximately 90,000 provider sites, with an embedded presence at 18,000 hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. By partnering with CIOX Health, healthcare organizations are able to take steps towards mitigating risk, improving financial performance, and increasing requestor satisfaction. Furthermore, the company has established relationships with over 100 commercial health plans and other large requestors, enabling these groups to partner directly with CIOX Health to access clinical information in an efficient and compliant manner.

CIOX Health is the result of New Mountain’s proactive “deep dive” efforts in the healthcare and business services sectors, with a particular focus on clinical information and healthcare technology. CIOX Health was created by the 2016 merger of four industry-leading companies – HealthPort, IOD, Care Communications, and ECS – that were all identified and acquired by New Mountain on an exclusive, proprietary basis between December 2014 and September 2015. This combination resulted in the industry’s broadest provider network and capabilities in release of information, record retrieval, and health information management, with a goal of advancing the way that healthcare organizations manage, exchange, and drive insights from clinical information.