Public Equity (“Vantage”)

New Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC (“Vantage”) was created in 2006 to apply the Firm’s strengths in research and business building in the U.S. public equity market. Vantage today manages internal partner capital only and does not have outside investors.

Vantage seeks to invest in concentrated long equity positions based on bottom-up fundamental research, concentrating on industries in which it has been able to differentiate itself based on the industry capabilities of New Mountain overall. The full hands-on operational and research expertise of a multi-billion-dollar private equity firm, give Vantage a competitive edge over traditional, stand-alone public equity investment managers.

Why Vantage?


Focused Investment Approach

Primarily in defensive growth industries where we believe we have a differentiated view



Leveraging our highest conviction ideas


New Mountain Capital Organization

Provides incremental advantage in research and due diligence as well as an opportunity to proactively engage with companies