New Mountain's private equity strategy seeks to acquire the highest quality leaders in carefully selected growth industries.
New Mountain Vantage Advisers, LLC ("Vantage") holds non-control positions in the U.S. public equity market.
New Mountain’s credit strategy applies the firm’s “defensive growth” industry approach to the debt portion of the capital structure.
Firm Overview
New Mountain Capital’s mission is to be best in class among alternative asset managers as measured by returns, control of risk, service to our investors and the quality of the businesses we build.

New Mountain Capital, LLC, together with its affiliates ("New Mountain"), manages private equity, public equity and credit capital with aggregate assets under management totaling more than $20.0 billion*. New Mountain has raised over $17.0 billion of committed capital across five private equity funds since inception.

New Mountain manages public equity portfolios through New Mountain Vantage Advisers, L.L.C. ("Vantage"), which are designed to apply New Mountain's established strengths as an acquirer and builder of businesses toward non-control positions in the U.S. public equity markets generally.

New Mountain also manages credit investments through New Mountain Finance Corporation, a closed-end investment company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Ticker: NMFC) and several private credit strategies. New Mountain’s credit strategies seek to generate current income and capital appreciation through investments in debt securities at all levels of the capital structure.

All of New Mountain Capital's efforts emphasize intensive fundamental research, and a focus on growth and investor "value added," rather than reliance on excessive risk, as the best path to high and consistent long term returns. New Mountain Capital is a generalist firm but also has proactively developed particular research and operational expertise in carefully selected "defensive growth" niches of education, health care, software, business services, logistics, specialty chemicals, federal services, financial services and insurance, and environmental services. New Mountain Capital works systematically to establish expertise in additional sectors over time.

* Includes amounts committed, not all of which have been drawn down and invested to date.
Information provided on this website is intended to provide the investor with an introduction to New Mountain Capital and its investment strategies. Under no circumstances does the information contained herein constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security or interest in an investment vehicle managed by New Mountain Capital. Any such offer or solicitation can only be made through a definitive private placement memorandum describing the terms and risks of an investment to sophisticated persons who meet certain qualifications under the federal securities laws and are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the investment.